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30KAV- Air Cooled Chiller with VS Screw Compressor

Nominal cooling capacity from 493 to 1079 kW


The Carrier 30KAV AquaForce Vision Air Cooled Chillers  with Greenspeed Intelligence are the premium solution for commercial and industrial applications where installers, consultants and building owners require superior reliability and optimal performances, especially at part load.

The Carrier 30KAV units are designed to exceed European Ecodesign directive requirements in terms of energy efficiency, versatility and operating sound levels. This result is achieved through the optimised combination of proven best-in-class technologies that include:

  • 2nd generation of high-efficiency variable-speed twin screw compressors with built in volume index control (Vi) valve for optimal full and part load performance and Integrated Resonator Array (IRA) for low sound operation
  • 6th generation of Carrier Flying BirdTM fans with AC or EC motor depending on options.
  • Carrier flooded shell-and-tube evaporator with new copper tubes for low pressure drops - 3rd generation of “W” profile Carrier NovationTM microchannel heat exchangers with optional Enviro-Shield coatings.
  • Carrier SmartView control with color touch screen user interface that includes 10 langages and new smart energy monitoring function.
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