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30RBS(R) Air Cooled Scroll Chillers with R32 Refrigerant and Greenspeed® Intelligence

Nominal Cooling capacity from 40 to 160 kW 

Carrier 30RBS(R) Aquasnap® Chillers are the best solution with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) R-32 Refrigerant for commercial and industrial applications where installers, engineering and design departments and building owners require reduced installation costs, optimal performances and maximum quality.

The 30RBS(R) AquaSnap® is a compact all-in-one range optimised for applications where reduced investment and installation cost (low CapEx) is required.

The main features of the new 30RB range allows for configurations that suit user requirements:

  • 6th Generation Flying Bird Fixed Speed Fans
  • Novation Second Generation MCHX Heat Exchangers (30RB) 
  • SmartVuTM control
  • Scroll R32 Compressors with reduced refrigeran charge
  • High Efficiency Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Variable Speed inbuilt hydronic module with single or dual pumps

Besides operating efficiently and quietly, the AquaSnap® range with Greenspeed® intelligence operates from -20 °C up to +46 °C as standard. Low environmental impact High full and part load efficiency Compact and simple to install Low refrigerant charge Superior reliability. 

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