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30RBS AquaSnap® - Air-Cooled Chiller with FS Scroll Compressor

Nominal cooling capacity from 40 to 156 kWc


Refrigerant : R-410A


The Carrier 30RBS Aquasnap Air Cooled Chiller range was designed for commercial (air conditioning of offices, hotels etc.) or industrial (low-temperature process units etc.) applications.

The Carrier 30RBS range integrates the latest technological innovations:

  • Ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A
  • All-aluminium microchannel heat exchangers for the cooling only units (30RBS)
  • Scroll compressors
  • Low-noise fans made of a composite material
  • Auto-adaptive microprocessor control
  • Electronic expansion valve

The range can be optionally equipped with a Variable-speed hydraulic module integrated into the unit chassis, limiting the installation to straightforward operations like connection of the power supply and the chilled water supply and return piping.

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