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30RQ-(R) Aquasnap® Air Cooled Heat Pumps with FS Scroll Compressor

Nominal cooling capacity from 160 to 500 kWc

Nominal heating capacity from 170 to 530 kWh

Refrigerant : R-32


The latest generation of Carrier 30RQ AquaSnap® Chillers are the best solution for commercial and industrial applications where installers, engineering and design departments and building owners require reduced installation costs, optimal performances and maximum quality.

The Carrier 30RQ AquaSnap® range is a compact all-in-one package optimised for full-load applications where reduced investment cost (low CapEx) is required.

Besides operating efficiently and quietly, the Carrier 30RQ range operates from -20 °C up to +48 °C as standard.

They use the best technologies available today :

  • Reduced refrigerant charge of non-ozone depleting R-32A refrigerant with low GWP Scroll compressors
  • Brazed-plate heat exchangers with reduced pressure drops
  • Self-regulating microprocessor control with Greenspeed intelligence 
  • Colour touch screen with web connectivity options
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