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39HQ Airovision Custom Central Station Air Handler

Manufacturer: Carrier - MTL

Air flows upto 125,000 CMH

Modular air handling unit by Carrier, is the new air handling unit generation designed to satisfy the highest and most accurate request of air treatment and air quality in air conditioning and heating applications, assuring energy efficiency and high air quality and internal sterilization and hygienic use, in application of comfort, hospital, clean rooms, food and pharmaceutical industries with full customization flexibility. 

An extensive range of options enables the units to be customized for use in all types of applications, including: commercial offices, industrial installations, shopping centers, airports, leisure centers and universities.

The versatility of the range means it can be configured to suit the precise technical requirements of almost any general comfort application.



The characteristic of the casing wall construction must be established in accordance with EN 1886, based on measurements carried out on a model box.


  • Mechanical Strength Class D1
  • Casing Air Leakage Class L1
  • Filter By-Pass Leakage Class F9
  • Thermal Transmittance Class T2
  • Thermal Bridging Class TB2
  • Acoustics Insulation


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