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The portable OptiClean™ 39UV Air Purifier with a nominal airflow between 1000 and 2500 m3/h is designed to improve the air quality of those indoor installations that have trouble connecting to fresh air inlets or face issues with existing filtration systems in commercial, healthcare or administrative applications.

The OptiClean™ 39UV can be used as:

A Negative Pressure unit to help convert normal hospital rooms into Airborne Infectious Isolation (AII) rooms. The resulting negative air pressure, or “vacuum effect,” helps limit the spread of air-based contaminants into surrounding areas.

Fresh Air Scrubbing unit by pulling in the space fresh - unconditioned - air, removing the contaminants, and discharging it into the room for further usage. 

An Air filtration unit in applications where it is difficult to obtaining satisfactory ventilation or require a support to existing ventilation systems.

Main Features

  • M5 Class Prefilters
  • H13 Class Absolute Filters (H14 Class as an option) 
  • UV lamps (as an option)
  • Carbon Filter (as an option)
  • EC Fan Motor
  • Vertical Air diffusion grill
  • Circular connection for Duct (dimensions depending on size)
  • Filter clogging indicator
  • Adjustment potentiometer air flow
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