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42AM - Air Heater


Heating capacity from 10 to 106 kW (80-60°C)

Cooling capacity from 5.4 to 21.9 kW

Airflow from 1,000 to 12,000 m³/h

The Carrier 42AM unit is the best solution for heating and/or cooling large spaces ensuring a rapid warm-up / cool-down of the conditioned space and they have an excellent diffusion behaviour utilizing the patented JET+ double deflection technology.

They are available in wall or ceiling-mounted versions equiped with a low consumption EC motor or as destratifiers for better air mixing in heating mode.

Options and Accessories:

  • Wall bracket, ceiling bracket, IPN additional kit
  • Filter box
  • 2-channel mixing box with built-in filter
  • Specific diffuser (on door, high-level etc.)
  • Damper and outdoor kit
  • Room thermostat for THREE-PHASE or SINGLE-PHASE installation
  • LS/HS switch for 3-PH fan motor assembly
  • 5-speed autotransformer for single-phase AC fan
  • Corrobloc option for Three phases or single phase AC motor


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