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50FC Packaged rooftop heat pump and separated gas module option

Refrigerant : R-410A

Nominal Cooling capacity from 22 to 280 kW

Nominal Heating capacity from 22 to 309 kW

Nominal Air flow from 5100 to 54 000 m³/h

The new Carrier 50FC 020 - 280 Packaged Rooftop range consists of autonomous compact air-air units of horizontal design, rooftop type, for reversible heat pump operation. The range of available capacities allows for the air conditioning of medium and large surface areas which are common in shopping malls, food retail, logistics and many other commercial and industrial applications.

High efficiency

Superior reliability

Compact system

Low sound level

Energy recovery

Variable speed EC fans

Multi-scroll compressors

Electronic expansion valves

Auto-adaptative microprocessor control

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