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50/48 UC-/UCV - Packaged Air Cooled Rooftop Unit

Carrier 50UC- Cooling only Rooftop Unit with optional electric or hot water heating and up to 4 fixed speed compressors in 2 independent refrigerant circuits energy savings are obtained by reducing the power consumed by the units under partial load conditions. Additionally both efficiency and ease of service are provided thanks to the EC plug fans used as standard at supply air side and return air side. EC plug fans also allow indoor pressurizing control with the pressure control option.

One of the greatest benefit of these new generation units is the fact that they may meet for any duct connection direction requirement on site. Even if all the options at both supply and return air side are selected, duct connections from bottom, top or sides are possible.

The 50UC- rooftops are delivered with Touch Pilot colour touchscreen user interface as the other Carrier chillers. With this interface, user may access all the parameters of the unit, and, may control the unit from anywhere in the world over the Internet through an ethernet cable connected to the unit.


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