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Chiller System Optimizer

When it comes to measuring HVAC energy use in buildings, system performance analysis and economics of chiller systems Carrier’s Chiller System Optimizer (CSO) is the tool to use.  The program can be used to do the following:

  • Calculate System PLV (SPLV) to evaluate whole-system performance and demonstrate the importance of considering actual details of system operation not considered in standard performance factors such as IPLV and NPLV.
  • Calculate Custom PLV Factors which can be used to incorporate system-based performance considerations in equipment specifications rather than the standard idealized conditions considered in IPLV and NPLV factors.
  • Help educate clients about the operation of chiller systems through the use of graphics and tabular reports showing how their specific chiller system performs.
  • Compare annual energy costs of competing systems or equipment designs.
  • Compare lifecycle costs of competing systems or equipment designs.

Further, the program is suitable for studying existing chiller systems as well as competitive situations for new construction and retrofit applications.

System Optimizer Features.

The Chiller System Optimizer offers the following features for analyzing chiller system performance:

  • Weather data for over 500 cities worldwide.
  • Load profiles which can be customized for any building type or climate.
  • Capabilities for analyzing water-cooled electric drive chillers, air-cooled electric drive chillers, steam absorption chillers and direct-fired absorption chillers.
  • Features for modeling cooling towers.
  • Chiller systems containing as many as 30 chillers in parallel or up to 30 series-counterflow pairs of chillers.
  • Systems containing any combination of chiller sizes and types.
  • Chiller systems using different types of sequencing controls.
  • Systems using integrated and non-integrated hydronic free cooling.
  • Comparing Dedicated Heat Recovery Chiller plants versus conventional chiller plant and hot water boiler plant performance.
  • Features for studying first cost, energy cost, operating cost, total present worth, net present worth, internal rate of return and payback period.
  • Presentation quality graphs and reports.

And much more…