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38/42 PKC/FB4P FB4P Fan Coil Unit / 38PKS Condensing Unit

The Carrier FB4P direct expansion fan coil is designed for medium and high static pressure, up to 0.6 inches water (150Pa) with cooling capacity from 5.3k watt (18 Mbtuh) to 17.6k watt (60 Mbtuh).

The FB4P series is available in six sizes with 10 mm thick rubber cabinet insulation density of 32 kg/m^3 to minimize energy losses and can be installed either in a vertical or horizontal position.

FB4P comes with polyester powder painted zinc coated galvanized steel casing. Super quite multi 3 speed motor for field selection & electric heaters are available option at field installation.

The 38PKS series energy efficient split condensing units incorporate innovative technology to provide reliable cooling performance. The units are pre-wired and pre-charged with PuronĀ® R-410A refrigerant and tested at the factory. These units can be placed on the side of a building or can be placed on a roof without roof curbs. Each unit is designed to occupy a minimal space. Piping and drain connections are readily accessible.

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