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Healthy Buildings

Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program provides an expanded suite of advanced solutions to help deliver healthier, safer, more efficient and productive indoor air quality regardless of your building type/indoor environment.

From innovative products, controls and system design solutions to remote services including assessments, maintenance and re-commissioning, you can trust Carrier’s 100+ years of experience creating optimal indoor air environments to help you with yours.

From building assessments and technology solutions that improve indoor air quality (IAQ), to maintenance and monitoring to support buildings throughout their lifecycle. Carrier’s experts will work closely with you to assess, upgrade, maintain, and sustain your buildings

Actions you can take to improve indoor air quality (IAQ)

Your customised Carrier IAQ solutions suggestions may include equipment, controls and service that address various aspects of your HVAC system and building needs as noted below.


Maximize outdoor air ventilation • Monitor & control target ventilation


Filter air at MERV 13 or higher • Implement advanced purification solutions


Control to 40% - 60% relative humidity

Air Quality

Implement multipoint IAQ monitoring • Incorporate advanced IAQ controls

Manage Facilities

Facility management tools help building operators manage occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and overall building health.

Engage Occupants

Providing building occupants with real-time visibility into IAQ metrics promotes the health and safety of their surroundings

Thermal Health

Design to appropriate comfort standard • Advanced localized controls